Large pores on cheeks – how to minimize?

Having large pores on cheeks drives you crazy? Well, it’s a common problem for many people and during last years the problem of having large pores on face and other areas is becoming more frequent. In fact, most of people who have large pores on cheeks tend to have enlarged pores on other areas too. So are there any solutions for shrinking large cheek pores?

Short answer is yes, there are, but to understand which products are effective and which not, you need to understand the root problem for having large pores.

First of all, our skin is not completely smooth and there are micro-openings into our skin which are meant for releasing sebum. Basically sebum is an oily substance which lubricates the surface of skin so it would be more water resistant and not so dry. Although for most people the substance does the job perfectly, there are individuals who suffer from sebum overproduction which directly increases the size of pores.

Sebum is produced by sebum(sebaceous)-gland located in derma, a deeper skin tissue. Normally sebum glands work all day long and releases sebum gradually.

But in some cases the way how glands work differs and sebum may be releases in large amounts and in very short time. During this the skin tissue is so stressed that pore openings simply can not release all the substance and the pores simply got stretched in order to release the load.

Unfortunately, pores don’t have any muscular tissue and after extending simply stays that way. Although there are times when sebum glands are very active only during certain periods like puberty, for example, there are people who have been suffering from excess sebum production and increased cheek pores all their life, there are more ones who simply are fed up feeling unattractive and simply decide to try some effective solutions.


In order to minimize cheek pores you need to seek for a solution can

  • Control sebum glands activity – while many are simply are looking for products which would simply minimize pores, you must not forget about reducing sebum production, otherwise after minimizing sebum will over-stress pores and increase pores again.
  • Shrink pores – It’s the goal. We already mentioned that pores can not effectively control their sizes. However, there are some substances which have abilities to shrink the tissue around pore openings.
Before applying anything to your skin that have a pore minimizing pores, make sure that the surface and pores are clean so that no microbe remains which could lead to infection.

At Home Remedies

For ages there have been known some natural remedies which have been associated with pore minimizing. For example, there can be information found very some suggest to take some Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil and stamp them together to form a paste. Then add cold water(Do not use hot water since it will only increase pores) and apply the paste to the problematic area. After some minutes remove the paste and the pores should be reduced in size.

Although home made remedies can minimize cheek pores, it is very likely that they will not remain minimized for too long since the sebum will contunue to produce. In order to minimize pores for a long term, you should consider professionally manufactured product which is able to control sebum release process.

The Most effective solution

There are many skincare brand promising to be effective at minimizing large cheek pores. However, since we have reviewed dozens of products, we have come to a conclusion that only a small portion of all those products can lead to long-term results. In fact, most of pore minimizers are useless.

Fortunately, after reviewing so many skin pore minimizers, we have found a   few really effective ones too. If you are interested in learning more, please consider the following products:


Revitol Pore Minimizer

We have reviewed numerous products and currently Revitol Pore Minimizer has proven to be the most effective. Revitol has developed and patented DMAE compound which is able to absorb excess sebum a lot faster than other pore minimizing products. Because it contain natural engredients, there is very low risk of facing any side effects.

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