What causes large pores?

large_pores_on_nose2Every single inch of human skin is covered in pores. For those who are not aware of what the role of pores is, let us say that pores are very tiny openings on human skin that let glands beneath our skin let the oil and sweat out making our organism cool off, as well as become freed of toxic and damaging materials that manage to somehow slip into our organism.

But the problem ensues when our pores start becoming larger, sometimes also inflamed and that is the problem any person in the world can suffer from, no matter if her/his skin type is normal or dry, or oily and combined skin type. And whether you believe it or not that problem is caused by something that is part of human body and is essential for proper functioning of organism. That problem causer is sebum.

What’s sebum?

Sebum is a substance produced and secreted by sebaceous glands, and it´s role is to lubricate our skin and hair as well as to offer the pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory protection. And it is all good while the glands are in a good condition and are working well. But if it turns out that glands started producing the waxy substance in an excessive manner, than it will cause problems related to enlarged pores. The case of excessive secretion of sebum is known as seborrhea. And beside seborrhea and enlarged pores caused by it, the excessive secretion is also causing some other problems such as bad smell due to the active bacteria invading the secreted substance.

In overall, the large pores problem can be solved very efficiently and the secretion of sebum can be kept under control just enough for skin to acquire the necessary moisture and protection from the invasive dust and dirt particles and bacteria.

The first choice for many people to turn to would be some home remedies or homeopathic ways of either trying to regulate excessive sebum processes or to simply keep skin truly clean and rid of the surplus of sebum. And when it comes to those home remedies, it is said that fruit like lime or lemon, then avocado – used either in the form of healing masks or as a simple cleansing tonics – can really clean the pores. In the same manner the whisked egg white and cornstarch mask can help, as well as mashed cucumber mixed with rose water and the tincture of benzoin, which helps shrinking of large p ores due to the composition of helping substances in the mix.

Best ways to minimize enlarged pores

clean_skinBut what can truly helps the reduction of the secretion of sebum that causes the large pores problem are the cosmetic products in form of enlarged pores creams, cleansing tonics, gels, purifying facial cleansers and alike. They are the result of the years and years of medical researches done in order to find and produce something that surely will address and solve the problem.

Those products are the ones that nowadays truly exfoliate and remove the layers ofdead skin and sebum mashed together to clog the pores and cause unwanted skin manifestations. They probe straight to the pores´ centers removing every single speck of dirt and bacteria residing there, giving your pores finally the opportunity to cool down from the inflammatory processes and start shrinking slowly back while your skin regains it´s healthy and shiny look again.

Now that you know what truly is capable of aiding your large pores problem, make sure to choose wisely among those cosmetic products and find those that suits your needs and the quality of your skin the best.

Most Effective Pore Minimizers

We have reviewed dozens of different pore minimizers and have come to conclsion that only a few are worth mentioning since they have been proven at pore minimizing and also are safe and are very unlikely to cause any side effects:


Revitol Pore Minimizer

We have reviewed numerous products and currently Revitol Pore Minimizer has proven to be the most effective. Revitol has developed and patented DMAE compound which is able to absorb excess sebum a lot faster than other pore minimizing products. Because it contain natural engredients, there is very low risk of facing any side effects.

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